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Nexxess International is a Business and Trust Financial Management Firm

We have helped thousands save on their taxes and pr​​​otected their assets.

No Capital Gains Tax

Nexxess International offers a proprietary trust structure that allows our clients to benefit in many ways with the Trust. The reason people owe capital gains taxes is because of two reasons. First it's because "they" were the ones who created the gain. If the "person" or the wrong "entity" creates the gain then the IRS codes say it's a capital gain. Secondly, people owe gains because the taxable event actually "occurred." Those are the two reasons you would owe a capital gain. However, if the taxable event never occurs, then no tax is due. How is this possible? It's possible because we don't let the "person" own the assets when the gain occurs. The IRS Tax Code says the gains are "excluded" -to the extent that the gains are allocated to "corpus." Therefore, the gain is technically not a gain, if the IRS says the gains are "excluded." You must read the Tax Codes to understand this. At Nexxess International we help you navigate these codes to realize the best outcomes for yourself. 

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Tax Reduction

Our goal is to help you protect your assets and lower your taxable income.

We do this by helping you to manage your investments, so that you can limit the amount of tax you pay on them. We also help you to reduce the amount of capital gains tax that you pay by investing in certain types of assets or through various tax-reduction strategies.We understand that taxes are important for the government to operate, but we also know that it's important for you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and provide for your family without having to worry about whether or not your investments are going to be taxed at rates that make it difficult for you to keep up with expenses.

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Asset Protection


    Lower Taxable Income
    Tax laws are changing all the time, but the one thing that never changes is the fact that the more money you make, the more taxes you have to pay. If you're looking to lower your taxable income and save money on taxes, our program can help.

    Complete Asset Protection

    Asset protection is a big deal these days—especially with so many people filing for bankruptcy every year. If you want to protect your assets from creditors, or even better, if you want to keep them safe from lawsuits, then our program has what it takes to get the job done right.
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Asset Control

The Spendthrift Provision of the trust is the critical element of the document, in that, no spendthrift trust corpus may be penetrated to reach the assets of the corpus. Case law has upheld this for hundreds of years. No judge or court may issue a turnover order against any asset in a properly constructed spendthrift trust. The only two known exceptions to this rule is 1) fraudulent conveyance to avoid a judgment, and this only applies to a trust created after litigation has been filed, not before. And, 2) a judge has been able to reach the corpus assets to force someone to pay unpaid child support. Other than those two exceptions, we know of no other case law where a turn-over order was successful.

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A single trust designed for individuals/families. Provides family asset protection. Protection from lawsuits/creditors. Defers Federal income taxes into perpetuity, renewable every 21 years. Eliminates probate. Not subject to capital gains/eminent domain. Eliminates 1031 Exchange. Provides privacy.

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Peace Of Mind

There are many kinds of trusts, such as: Irrevocable, Revocable, Living and Testamentary, etc. Trusts can be simple and straightforward or complex. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of all trusts in the U.S. are created as Living Trusts, which are “revocable,” and they offer no privacy, tax advantages, asset protection or living benefits. Living trusts only help someone bypass probate, and that is it. They call it a “living trust,” but give no “living benefits.” Therefore, while bypassing probate is a great thing, it’s not what clients ultimately want. They not only want benefits at death, but they want to benefit now. Our trusts give our clients exactly what they really want when it comes to ultimate privacy, ultimate tax advantages and ultimate asset protection, not only at death but from day one of the trust creation.

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About Nexxess International

We are a Business Advisory and Trust Management Firm. Our area of specialty is helping people properly structure their business to achieve the most favorable tax structure and outcome. We help businesses from creation to implementation and offer complete payroll, tax and accounting services.

We work with our clients to provide bullet-proof asset protection, privacy, and tax strategies. Our typical clients own businesses and already work with CPAs and other professionals. However, nearly all of them were paying 50-80% more in taxes than they should have been paying. If you’re a business owner and your CPA or Tax Professional tells you that you have to pay 15k, 30k or even more, then give us a call. You deserve to know your options before you send that check to the IRS.