Complete Trust Management

When it comes to managing your assets during your life or upon your death, it takes more than family and friends to make the best decisions. It takes the experience and expertise of a trusted Trustee or Executor.

Our highly trained, well-educated professionals understand accounting, tax laws, regulations, and other important concepts related to the management of all types of assets. And above all, we are impartial, responsive, and committed to serving in the best interests of you and your beneficiary. You tell us what you want. With Trust Management from us you have control from the grave.

Consider setting up a Family Trust

Throughout your lifetime, you have worked to provide security for your family, community, and your future by paying attention to your financial health. When you wish to safeguard the future of your finances to ensure care for your loved ones, it can be wise to seek legal structures that provide financial protection. One method of doing so is to establish a private, personal, legal arrangement called a “trust.” You get to make the rules. You have true control of your assets, no matter if you are alive or not.

A trust is a legal entity, a structure, whereby a person (trustor) designates another person or entity (trustee), to prudently and ethically manage the property conveyed to the trust for the benefit of themselves or usually others (the beneficiaries).

Your trust can be irrevocable (unchangeable) or revocable (subject to possible change). The Management of your trust can begin during your life or following your death. Trusts are established to accomplish objectives unique to your personal circumstances and needs. We help you create exactly what you’re wanting. If you have created a substantial sum of assets and you’re wanting to control it in your own unique way, a trust what you need to establish.

Why Establish A Trust
There are many reasons to set up a trust based on circumstances unique to you. If you answer “yes” to any of these following questions, then you should consider establishing a trust:

Why You May Want A Professional Trustee
It is difficult at best for one individual to possess all of the characteristics necessary to manage a trust. Our trust management professionals are trained and educated to fulfill the duties of a trustee and deliver responsive service to the client. 

Trustees Must:

At Nexxess International, your needs and wants are the only priorities and objectives:

We are highly trained, well-educated professionals who are committed to delivering the best service in the market place of trusts.
While many other institutions will only manage financial assets, we offer comprehensive estate administration services, trust management services, employee benefit services, investment planning and asset management services, as well as oil and gas mineral royalty services and real estate management services.

Our professional investment and asset management team has proven successful with the strategies we custom design for our clients.
We share in the financial strength and support of a holding company and community banks where the importance of our service is understood and respected.While you could ask a friend or individuals to serve as a trustee, they could become ill, die, go on vacation, or just decide they don’t want to work on the trust. We are different. We will always have someone dedicated to your accounts and for your families.